Custom Metal Spinning Services / Finial and Weathervane Repairs and Replicas

Custom metal spinning services are available upon request. We can work with on reproducing an item or create new parts using your choice of copper, brass, aluminum, sterling silver, and gold. We have worked with our customers in the past to create copper drain reducers, hub caps, sconces, Boston lantern finial parts, socket covers, and copper coasters; just to name a few. Larger custom items have included a light house model, custom copper finials, weathervanes and bannerettes. Restoration and/or reproduction of an existing final is also available. We have created various awards and trophies either in sterling silver, gold or plated. We will work closely with you to ensure your custom item meets your specific needs.

Custom Metal Spinning Services Metal spinning is a process by which parts are produced on a spinning lathe. A round flat disc of metal is pressed onto a form, that duplicates the inside silhouette of the part you are creating, by a person using a spinning tool. All our spinning is done by hand by our skilled craftsmen to our exacting level of quality. Some of the most significant benefits of metal spinning are stronger seamless pieces, flexibility in shapes and lower tooling costs.

We create the tooling necessary for your specific needs. Typically we prefer a sketch of the shapes with dimensions that we can work off of. When reproducing an item we can also take measurements from the existing piece even if it has been damaged (see photos below). Costs for tooling may vary depending upon quantity and future expectancy of your parts. For example for less quantity items we may use a less expensive special wood form and for larger quantity and intricate parts may require hardened steel tooling which tends to be more costly. We will closely with you to ensure proper tooling is created.